Trigger Point Therapy is similar to a deep muscle massage, only we focus on a

specific location in the muscles, that location being where the trigger points are located. Trigger points are small knots in the muscles that can send pain to a variety of places throughout the body. We begin by applying lotion to the area we will be working on. I then precede to rub the muscle while feeling for the trigger point. Once I find the trigger point(s), I glide over it a number of times as I try to relieve the knot. We repeat this step for each trigger point we find. This therapy is excellent for treating headaches, frozen shoulder, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome and general joint and muscle pain/stiffness as well as many other ailments.

We start off with the client lying face-up on the massage table while I begin

the hands-on treatment of applying a small amount of oil to the feet and gently pressing and massaging all the reflexes that correspond to particular glands, organs and other parts of the body. This leaves the client in a state of deep relaxation while optimizing the body's healing abilities.

What we offer you


$20 per 30 Minutes

Trigger Point Therapy

Foot Reflexology Sessions

Just as in the foot session the client will lie face-up on the massage table. I then begin the treatment by applying a small amount of oil to one hand and then pressing and massaging all the reflexes in the hand. I then repeat the same steps on the other hand. This leaves the client in a state of deep relaxation while optimizing the body's healing abilities.

Hand Reflexology Sessions


Adult                         $50

Children's prices may vary


Adult                         $25

Children's prices may vary